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▲bout C▲pit▲l P

Asalamualaikum --'
. heyy , ini blog baru and story pums baru lhaa : ) hii , dekat sini ekyn nak story sikit pasal Capital P --' kiteorang kenal sejak Form 4 , awal bulan january , firstly , kawan macam biase , then , kawan rapat , mintak numbo telepon la , kenal-2 melalui telepon , mesej , calling bagai la . seronok juga la time tu : )
 masa mula-2 nak bercinta memang macam tuu ~ mula-mula sememang nya sweet bagai , makan pums tak senang , tidur tak lena , all of it is wrong , hii nak dikate kan Capital P nii memeg Romantic lhaa ^^ pandai amik hati aku <3 good captured my heart , ekyn suke cara Capital P layan ekyn , Like a Princess --' huu , About him , Y ekyn suke ialah he is handsome , cute , kepeng , ngade , mungekk . hii . Y buad ekyn jealous dekat Capital P , Capital P very highly of me , ee ~ 
sometimes he is always bullying ekyn know,ade macam nak nagis , nak marah, sulk,taa nak kawan dengan dia pums adee , ahaa : ) dalam hati memeng pasang niat for berazam , are we faithful to that one, finally, determination is strong enough to ekyn faithful the very general to the him , , Ekyn do not know who the woman la come visit him, ee, geram doh! fuck - ', I thought about right back, let it her opponents want him, since Capital P  is sick, a lot has changed about Capital P , my time ekyn always call the hospital, msej him, but he replied calling ekyn n response, was already at enough for ekyn. God bless you ....  alhamdulilah , AMIN:) God heard the prayers ekyn for this <3 Thank god a lot ,
hope Capital P  pums loyal to ekyn until the end of life --' sedih laa pulok .
 , It is also a lot of allegations that happen to us, to have his patience, tolerance, sure all will work smoothly for us! ekyn pernah tanye kat dia , first kenal ,  have a girlfriend to, and then he say he was single, ekyn  pums believe, time baru kenal , new ekyn  start catering facebook, then mintak lhaa email fb dia , see-, he at no relationship fiancee, Ohh OMG ! ekyn yang nak pastikan Capital P tuu ~ single , , ekyn ask it again, then he say, she say, he is single, tu adoptive sister relationship is only ~ it's okay, ekyn believe 100% ,, 3 Months friends, tetiba jee ,  ade girl sound ekyn , girl is talk of Capital P , ekyn  rampas Capital P tuu for him  ~ Hello, Please  okay! last-second,   Capital P  I frankly that she was his girlfriend ~ ahaa. Capital P akhirnye revealed that the already have a girlfriend!! ee  
 - after all that has happened & terbongkar ,  ekyn dengan Capital P tak berhubung selama 4 month !!
 ,  walaupun ekyn satu class with him !
..  bertapa ego nya ekyn dengan Capital P - since then, ekyn never once asks him, sapa, smiling, laughing with him ~ hmm .
+> bertapa sakit nya hati ekyn masa itu . had to accept as they are !
.. after 4 months did not make friends with him, a lot has changed . .tangkap  gambar kelas pun ekyn tak perasan yang Capital P datang sekolah --' hii .  strange !
  , lepas itu , bermulalah hari pertemuan kami yang kedua kalinya , time tuu bulan 6 kudd ~
 , entah macam mana ekyn boleh tergerak nak call dia , then ,  Capital P replied ekyn call ,
 first ask are you, well to? gile she had fun time at ekyn call him, then, ekyn with him and many other friends went karoeke ekyn : )  
 enjoy. hee, there at the start ekyn with her couple, ahhaa ~ sing together, berkepit com ', it's normal, at her sing many songs for ekyn, so very sweet!
lagu dadali : disaat aku mencintai dirimu ,  kalau berpacaran , memori berkasih , menatap matamu , macam-mcam lhaa <3
 and then --' happy time with Capital P , ade duka nye ,  when ekyn to know that he is ill, pain that he experienced very severe and serious! his disease, tuberculosis, lung, buah pingang ,  spleen ~ severe, first, talk to him he has testicle pain, then, ekyn macam was-was jee ,
 then he went back home Sunway him, talk with her ​​mama, then, Mom, he sent go to hospital klang!
 first dapat tahu yang Capital P masuk hospital ,
my  heart pounding , fear, tears already there. for a month and a half he was near Klang hospital, the heart is I went to visit him there klang ,  
but, it did not allow!
 But, he understood the family situation and understand what boley ekyn do to him, unable to visit him there kat, ekyn never stopped to pray for his health rapidly recovered, a month he did not come school, the class it was rather quiet without him, hmm . what can i do !
, Ekyn do not know who the woman la come visit him, ee, geram doh! fuck - ', I thought about right back, let it her opponents want him, since Capital P  is sick, a lot has changed about Capital P ,
my time ekyn always call the hospital, msej him, but he replied calling ekyn n response, was already at enough for ekyn. God bless you ....  alhamdulilah , AMIN : )  
 God heard the prayers ekyn for this <3 Thank god a lot.
. after month 10, she is able to start school, wow ~ seronok rasenye , hiii. when Capital P was at the ball back in school, ambooi , gedik bile ekyn dah dapat meet Capital P  ,
 ahaa . We enjoyed both in the classroom, draw together, sitting side down, laughter from the crowd, excited at the time, not my words, I guess (Y) hoo,
 andthen, new ekyn to know that she break with her ​​at 6 months ago, ahtoii!
 Padan MUKE . HAHA. I like it!
  when can I just knew that he was cut off with the girl is,  Lega sikit dada ekyn mendengar nye , new can be calm and happy through ekyn happy moments with Capital P , thank God! Thank a lot ◄ now love and affection Capital P  was on ekyn, ekyn just might see,  ekyn thanks very .
Now Capital P ekyn. walaupums we always fight , we fight just 3 minutes. hiii, funny, crazy aa , we have the ball angry person we truly love.  Right !!
- bulan 10 , kite owang had a fight and broke up, all because of her ex , grrrrr - "we have lost not a moment to know, but more than 13 days ! mase coat is sad ... endless crying . Then , we connect the couple back. hahah. , which can take a long time SINGLE meyhh. aoyoyyo. dear Capital P
 . kami pasangan yang romantik ,   Capital P  heads the wind, yet it winds all ekyn wind ! Hii, he was jealous, yet powerful ekyn 10000000000000 % jealous, insisting he is strong, yet ekyn la , ee . Just want to show love my pretender pretender him, haha , it's biase, you also will do the same things you state my spouse, ahaa, I know, haha .. good pair of guard you, as you take care of self ......................
* he is the only one who understands ekyn life situation , although we rarely go out with , but he understood , was 6 months couple, Capital P can still receive ekyn , Alhamdulilah  . hii  . ekyn never go out of time squre , Sunway, pavilion , k l , dataran merdeka  ~ eykin never asked Capital P  ,
 and ekyn'm sorry if this ekyn gupren not be a good for him , Capital P  say ,
NO GUTS NO GLORY ~ he said he could get sober ekyn , as long as ekyn faithful to him ..... Just listen to him talk like that , I felt as if a cold heart ekyn alone ,
'Capital p is the first man in soul and body ekyn , love him very much <3
though not out to the streets , we often find my taman  or school ,
 boley lhaa lepaskan rindu kat Capital P >
 - > - Menjelang by new year, time ekyn celebrate the new year with the  pavilion gan cousin to the jiran  go by dataran . After that , eykin message to Capital P , nak talk to ekyn out sambut the new year, then , Capital P did not even respond ! ekyn no fool for it ? menjelang at 11:30 , Capital P  message  ekyn ,
 Capital P say he was Dataran merdeka , celebrate the new year with her ​​friends, ekyn respond to
 - okay, tau-2 hearts love - I welcome the night , he made ​​the case , Capital P say he is dataran with women , eec, ekyn naik hangin  la ~  the right pukul 12 nights , new year appears : D
 I remember the night it happy new year, but happy change so ill ! hmm, grrrrrrrrr.
not a message directly ekyn or calling him, geram gileeee #@$%%!&*^%$#
, Now , Start lhaa zaman persekolahan 2012 , And ekyn rase sungguh seronok bermulanye sekolah : ) dapat meet sahabat-2 yang lama tak jumpe <3 missing her so much ..... yang sedih nye , Capital P dahh janji nak datang sekolah , nak meet ekyn , but , Capital P bohong ! i hate ~ Capital P , say dia ta datangg coz , Capital P nak uruskan adeq dia punye sch , hmm , ekyn pums percaya lhaa ,
 andthen , bermula lha one conflik yang berlaku antara ekyn dengan Capital P ~  Capital P calling ekyn pukul 4.50 pagi , subuh-2 tuu , then ekyn jawap lhaa , ekyn terpangil (Abang ) yang Capital ingatkan eykin panggil (bie) , hmmmm , mula lah Capital P maki-2 ekyn . tuu la , nii laa , macam-2 lha , sedih kudd . First time Capital P naik angin macam tuu ~ kiteorang pums break . 2 hari kemudian kite orang sambung balik , Capital P cakap dia tak ley nafi kan yang dia still love me , and remember promise her to ekyn ~ hmmm , mula-2 ekyn ingat tak nak couple balik dengan Capital P , but , hati kata sayang and tak nak leave kan dia , kite orang couple lhaa balik : / Capital P janji ta akn le[as kan ekyn lagy .. PROMISE HONEYY ~


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